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The Company

NetRefer was born from the vision of Raphael Arnold – CEO and Founder. In 2005, he identified iGaming as an industry ripe for establishing the most complete and trusted Affiliate Marketing Platform. Vision, hard work, and passion for the product and industry Raphael shared with his team drove NetRefer to success. Throughout the years, NetRefer continues to grow by adding iGaming key players to our portfolio. It’s our mission to assist them on their journey towards greatness and revolutionizing the industry together. Their journey is our journey – one of excellence.  

NetRefer’s platform brings together operators and affiliate marketeers for mutually beneficial collaborations. Once operators match up with the right teams of affiliates, we empower them with total control, knowledge, and comprehensive view to deliver marketing campaigns that deliver the best ROI. NetRefer’s team behind the platform ranges from tech wizards to marketing mavens. We’re a hive-minded community always striving to deliver the best solutions in the industry.

Our values - CLEAR · FAIR · TRUSTED – are at the core of everything we do. From the way we handle data to the way we interact with teammates, clients, and partners. All our criteria are always CLEARLY defined, in full view, and connected by CLEAR channels of communication. The way we handle data is FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable. We also ensure that all data streams are concise, immutable, indisputable, enabling TRUST between all.